LGBT+ Labour has a long and proud history of campaigning for LGBT+ rights.

From the repeal of Section 28, to the delivery of Civil Partnerships and the passing of the Equality Act, we have fought both inside the Labour party and with the Labour party to defend and extend the rights of LGBT+ people for over 40 years. LGBT+ Labour exists to strengthen the Labour Party’s commitment and action on LGBT+ struggles from the inside, and to give the UK the Labour government it deserves to ensure that this country works for the many, not the few.


All the money raised from our merchandise goes to the Chris Smith List and is spent on making sure we can support LGBT+ candidates in the UK Labour party to get elected and that we can continue to campaign for LGBT+ rights across the UK.


The Chris Smith list which is a campaign fund established by LGBT+ Labour to support lesbian, gay, bi & trans candidates standing to represent the Labour Party in Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, London Assembly, the European Parliament and local Councillors so that we can support Labour's LGBT+ candidates at all levels. 


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